Letter from Roger Cook MLA Shadow Minister for Health:

"I’m writing because either yourself, or a family member has previously been in contact with me previously regarding peritonectomy surgery and I wanted to give you an update as to where it is at. As you are no doubt aware, the Barnett Government ceased performing peritonectomy surgery in Western Australia back in 2010. This resulted in many patients having to make the long trip to St Georges Hospital in New South Wales, often away from the support network of their family and friends for several weeks. It was simply unacceptable to force patients with advanced cancer to travel such long distances, and disappointing that this type of surgery was not being performed in Western Australia, especially when there were capable surgeons in WA willing and able to perform the procedure here locally. In my capacity as Labor’s Shadow Minister for Health, I raised this issue in the Parliament, directly with the Minister and the media on multiple occasions, putting pressure on the Barnett Government to overturn the decision to stop peritonectomies in Western Australia. I’m thankful that the Minister has now finally reversed this absurd decision, and allowed peritonectomies to again occur in Western Australia, with the first surgeries taking place late last year. I have enclosed a copy of the letter from the Minister confirming the surgery resumed in December 2013. I would like to thank everyone who had the courage to come forward and tell their own personal stories in relation to peritonectomy, all of which has helped restore this vital service to Western Australia.

Yours sincerely

Roger Cook MLA Shadow Minister for Health"